Celebrating the special ladies in your life on International Women's Day, with the help of Monevium

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Celebrating the special ladies in your life on International Women's Day, with the help of Monevium

Today is a very special day around the world, in which the special ladies in our lives are celebrated. Although it may appear that its origins were focused toward a highly feminist agenda, this is not really the case at all.

Absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, can celebrate International Women's Day, which falls on March 8 every year.

We can all appreciate our wives, mothers, daughters, friends and colleagues, and the remarkable contribution they all make to our lives.

Although International Women's Day was originally brought to fruition by socialist labour movements around 100 years ago which were active across the Soviet Union, North America and Europe in order to address matters of concern which were very poignant at that time including gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women, this particular event has moved on and is now a celebration of those important members of our families and everyday lives.

For this reason, despite its socialist roots, a commercial aspect has arisen during modern times and it is very much customary to give gifts to the ladies that are important in our lives, whether we are male or female ourselves.

Despite mainstream criticism of the way International Women's Day is celebrated today, with many commentators considering it to have become heavily diluted and commercialised, particularly in the West, where it is sponsored by major corporations and used to promote general and vague notions of equality, rather than radical social reforms, it is really still very much true to its origins to give a gift to show gratitude for the contribution the women in our lives make.

On this basis, Monevium is here to help those who wish to choose a gift or experience, regardless of its location across Europe, to give to their daughter, wife, girlfriend, mother, close friends or colleagues.

Monevium's cost-effective and instant payment facility enables efficient and quick online purchases via bank transfer to any supplier or retailer in Europe, or instant card payment with very low costs.

The competitive costs compared with traditional banks enable the purchasing of a more valuable gift, and in today’s world in which many people are encumbered with rising costs of mundane things such as everyday living expenses, the ability to enjoy just that little bit of luxury on a special day is a very important enhancer of appreciation.

With daily life across much of Europe having become harder for all of us over recent months, International Women’s Day provides a time to reflect on the hard work and increasingly committed contribution everyone makes to society, therefore Monevium is here to help this day be celebrated as best it possibly can.

A very happy International Women’s Day to everyone and may this be a day of appreciation and enjoyment.

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