Managing your money has never been easier with Monevium.

IBAN account

Open a Euro IBAN current account in just a few minutes to receive and send funds in an easy and efficient way.

Straightforward and secure

Transfer funds and check your transaction history in just a few clicks with the Monevium app.

Statements at your convenience

Download your monthly statements with ease.

Make your money go further

Use Monevium account with low transaction fees.


Receive notifications about your Monevium account activity immediately.

Mobile app and web

Manage your account from the mobile app web.

Managing your finances has never been easier

Open a European IBAN account for personal or business needs in just a few clicks and send or receive funds within EU/EEA countries easily.

Transfer funds between Monevium accounts for free, unlimited and instantly.

Access your account details anytime from either your web or mobile application

Total Financial Control

Complete management of your entire account, from one app. Monevium gives you the control, so you can:

Check balance and transactions

You can view and download all payment history

Manage your account

Manage your account settings at any time

Send and receive payments

Send and receive funds in a fast, easy and efficient way

Total Financial Control